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All accommodations fall into three categories. Descriptions of each category are below. Select the category/categories that best relate to your requested accommodation(s). If you are requesting multiple accommodations, select the option that contains all the categories related to your request.  

Academic- Accommodations that impact your experience in the classroom. (Examples: note taker, testing accommodations, Assistive Technology, etc.)

Housing- Accommodations in the residence halls. (Examples: de-lofted bed, fewest number of roommates, Dining Dollar review, etc.)

Assistance Animal- An accommodation to have an Assistance Animal accompany a student. If you are requesting to have the Assistance Animal live in a residence hall, please select "Assistance Animal and Housing"

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In this section we would like to recap your requests, and you can upload your supporting documentation for review.
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Specific supporting documentation must be provided for each individual request. (For example academic accommodations could be supported by an IEP, 504 Plan or a psychological evaluation. For Housing accommodations a Doctor's note could be provided. For Assistance Animal requests a Doctor's note specifically stating the request for an AA is needed along with other pertinent information. Please see AA section for details.)

Please not that MMC cannot distribute your documentation to a third party. Please make sure you are only submitting a copy. 

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